Thrifty DIY: Puffy ceiling success story

One of the most popular posts on my blog here is one about my project to make a puffy ceiling for cheap. At the time, I was living in a space that had a “drop ceiling,” where there are tiles hanging on a grid. I wanted to make my space more inviting and warm. I ended up moving about six months later and didn’t have the completed thing for long, although I definitely enjoyed the space for the time I was there.

Last month, a reader saw my post and wanted to do the same project for her salon space. She reported back:

It only took a few hours, and the look has completely changed the feel of my room. It’s more cozy, tranquil, and inviting. My clients and co-workers are impressed and amazed!

Nikki’s facial and massage room! Click on the image for the Bliss by Nikki Facebook page.

If anyone wants to go and check it out, Bliss by Nikki is located in Fairview Park, Ohio.

Thanks for sharing, Nikki! I’m so glad it worked for you!