Journalism Awards Banquet 2014
In 2014, I won second place for a cover story in The Memphis Flyer titled “In The Weeds,” an article about patients who had to decide whether to move out of state or stay in Tennessee and break the law smoking marijuana to medicate.

I didn’t know it, but I think I’ve had a passion for journalism since I was a little girl. In fifth grade, I started a newspaper in Microsoft Word and handed it out to students across the street of the school. I loved debating when I could, and facts were my best friend. I had no idea that, as an adult, journalism would be my burning passion.

I was born in Arlington, Texas, but raised in Memphis, Tenn., to a loving and incredibly supportive family who has done nothing but fuel my drive for my journalistic endeavors, even as they took me to Los Angeles to pursue video game writing.

As I’ve gotten older and settled into a love for Memphis that can’t be understated, I’ve been fortunate enough (and lucky enough) to begin working at The Memphis Flyer, a local alternative weekly I grew up reading.

When I’m not writing, I’m a hardcore Memphis Grizzlies fan, traveler, typography enthusiast, photographer, and a perpetuator of the Oxford comma. I’m also searching for the perfect macaroni and cheese recipe.